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Toronto Moving Anti-swindle Guide (Part One) - Quoting

Toronto Moving Anti-Deception Guide (Part One) - Quotation

Almost every moving company has its preferred pricing method, but in summary, there are generally just three types:

1) Large-scale moves mostly involve a base rate plus hourly charges. The base rate for the truck🚚 usually includes two workers for two hours, and any additional time is charged at an hourly rate. Different starting and ending points for the move will have different base rates. Therefore, providing the starting address is essential.

2) Small-scale moves are mostly priced per hour. Workers typically use a cargo-van, minivan 🚐 or a pick-up truck🛻, and the hourly rate is related to the size of the vehicle. Additionally, there might be an empty vehicle fee based on different regions. For example, if you're moving from downtown Toronto to Markham, the time and fuel cost for the portion of the journey from downtown, which does not generate any revenue, will be reflected in the form of an empty vehicle fee.

3) The third type is a fixed price. This requires you to provide detailed information: descriptions and photos of the items to be moved, the starting address, type of housing, etc. Based on extensive industry experience, the worker will provide a total cost.

On the MasterCat Handyman Platform, there are various pricing methods and vehicle types available, allowing everyone to choose the most satisfactory price when selecting a moving professional.

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